What’s The Score GFC

For every member of Team Gold Coast – It’s not just what happens on the field it’s opportunities off it.  Click here for more about Gold Coast FC’s fantastic partnerships with NYIT and Portledge School.
It’s not just short term goals, it’s long term success. Click here to share in the #GoldCoastPride we have in our Gold Coast Girls Alumni and their academic careers! (linked to Success Page on the website)
It’s not just giving our all, it’s giving back (Linked to Pass it forward article) Click here to see how our #GoldCoastFamily positively affects children from ALL over the World!
It’s not just goals scored, it’s goals to be achieved! #goldcoastsquadgoals (Linked to group photos of players and teams hosted on instagram)
The Gold Coast FC Team have always preferred to let the children’s achievements on and off the pitch do the talking for our wonderful Soccer Clubs. Now, in a crazy era of youth soccer in which we witness the insanity of clubs actively poaching players at our games, doorstepping parents, leafletting cars, dangling professional dreams at ridiculous fees for 7 year olds, we’ve decided to not just continue doing the right thing by our children and communities but to celebrate just how incredible and far-removed from that nonsense our communities are!
Rather than getting dragged down by this kind of nonsense, we choose to lift up our young players and families. The Gold Coast Family is more than a Club! Check out our other Columns to see the amazing opportunities the Gold Coast Family provides for our kids and for kids all over the world, as well as the incredible on field and off field success stories of our members!