Pass it Forward!

As the holiday period comes to an end and the days start to feel like we are really in the middle of Winter now, we are reminded of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Gold Coast FC recently partnered with Outreach, an organization that helps families throughout Long Island with a vast array of needs. Their primary focus has been young people and, by extension, their families. The Gold Coast FC Mission Statement is “Developing the right balance our players need on the field, to promote the most healthy lives for our family off the field.” The Outreach motto is “building healthy lives.”

Whilst coming at it from different angles our goals are in lock step. This Winter, we know many families would very much appreciate Winter clothing for their children. The Gold Coast FC Team will have Donation Boxes at all Indoor facilities from January 21-25. If you think you may have Winter Clothes your children no longer would need. Or even toys they no longer play with, the wonderful people at Outreach would find some very grateful homes for them! Please look out for the Boxes at practice. Thank you.