Gold Coast FC providing opportunity on the field and outside the lines! The Gold Coast FC Family is comprised of thousands of fantastic people, whether they be players, supporters or alumni. The Gold Coast Team is extremely proud of what our members achieve on and off the field and are continually invested in providing opportunities for our members to learn, grow and develop not just as players but as people. The Gold Coast Team is proud to partner with Academic Institutions and Charitable Organizations so that we may better serve the members of our Community and positively affect people further afield. Here are just a few Strategic partnerships the Gold Coast FC Team have set up to help promote healthy, happy and fulfilling lives for our Gold Coast Family off the field!

NYIT – Gold Coast FC are proudly partnered with the New York Institute of Technology and specifically their Center for Sports Medicine. The incredible people at the CSM provide our Gold Coast Family with opportunity to use this fantastic resource to obtain any and all information pertaining to improving the health of our young athletes in areas such as nutrition, injury prevention, improving training approaches and optimizing athletic performance! This is the type of unique affiliation the Gold Coast Team are excited to provide for our members and will continue to do so! It is likely that some of our teams will be calling the excellent facilities home in the future and that the CSM faculty will be on hand to assist the children and advise the parents! 

Portledge School – Gold Coast FC have partnered with Portledge School over the last 5 years. Our organization is responsible for training all of the school’s Varsity, Junior Varsity and Middle School teams. From the inception of our relationship we have worked with the school to provide opportunities to the members of our Gold Coast community to have their children attend Portledge and represent the school superbly on the Soccer field whilst also excelling academically in the fashion an institution such as Portledge School demands! Team Gold Coast is proud to help the community and the School achieve constant success with no fewer than 6 Varsity Conference finals in 5 years! 

Coaches Across Continents – Coaches Across Continents works with governments, corporations, foundations and community-based organizations to design, develop and implement educational ‘outside the classroom’ programs and create lasting social change based on UN sustainable goal initiatives. Gold Coast FC have been honored to partner with CAC and have donations made by our wonderful Gold Coast family help affect positive change for those children who need it most! Team Gold Coast also works with other charities both at home and abroad to make sure we are always doing what we can to help others. See the Pass It Forward article in this edition of The Score to see how you can help provide Winter Clothes and toys for children on Long Island this month!