Gold Coast F.C. Practical Experience Program –
Player Profile: Jillian Narby

Full Name: Jillian Narby

Teams: Gold Coast F.C. U18, Portledge Girls Varsity Soccer 

Position: Goalkeeper

College Commitment: Lesley University, Cambridge Mass. 

Major: Business Administration

Minor: (Double) Spanish and Sports Management

Jillian Narby has the respect of all of us at Gold Coast F.C. both as a player and a person! She is a very talented Soccer Player with fantastic attitude / ability and is unsurprisingly just as great off the field. 

The Up and Coming Goalkeeper recently accepted Athletic and Academic scholarships from Lesley University to attend next Semester and to become a part of the Lesley Lynx Athletic Community. 

This has come as no surprise to the Gold Coast F.C. Family as everybody has long been aware of her character and prowess on the field. “Jill is one of the most driven players I’ve worked with. She is a natural leader with a passion for the game and is a great representative for our Soccer Programs.” said Gold Coast F.C.’s Coach Ed Shone. “As a result, Jill is a strong shot stopper and excellent distributor of the ball, which is a necessity for all Goalkeepers in the modern game.” 

Narby was born and raised in Huntington, New York and has always been part of a Soccer playing family. Her brother, Selbern, played with her at High School and her younger sister, Laura, currently plays Travel Soccer on Long Island. “We all play soccer as well as other sports so there’s always a competition going on!”  said Narby,  “For me, soccer is a way of life. It opened up new channels in my life that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t play, and it provided a passion for sports that I will have for the rest of my life.”

Perhaps the best evidence for this passion is even in the midst of her recent PSAA Conference Title successes with the Portledge School Varsity team and commitment to Lesley University, the young player’s best memory is “Playing a game of pick-up soccer barefoot with local kids in the streets of Naples, Italy!” 

It’s not just the winning or competing that attracts Narby to the game, it’s the essence of the game, the spirit of it. It is the way the game can serve to bring people closer and brighten their lives. It’s for this reason that Jill also passes it forward when it comes to education. 

“I like coaching because my own Coaches have impacted my life in such a way that I want to pass down the lessons I learned to help the next generation of soccer players…” says Narby, and all of the Gold Coast Coaching family can attest to how great she is as part of the Gold Coast F.C. Mentorship and Practical Experience Programs.“Seeing the little kids’ faces light up with joy because of something I was able to teach them is an extra added bonus!”

The soon-to-be Collegiate Athlete has aspirations to continue her involvement in the game in a Professional capacity. “I want to connect high profile sports teams with charities, perhaps focusing upon bringing Professional Players together with the kids who look up to them.”  Everybody at Gold Coast F.C. knows that whichever career path Jill chooses to pursue she will be a huge success!