HPPI is partnered with Gold Coast FC in offering private individual / small group training to our Gold Coast Members. The trainers work with young athletes from all over the island and focus upon Innovative, position-specific skill acquisition for all Age Groups, as well as dynamic, bespoke speed and agility performance work-outs. The Performance Institute is headed by our GCFC Directors, Peter Hulse & Michael Cipriano. For any enquiries please contact: phulse@empire-soccer.com

Peter is an experienced and effective soccer instructor—patient, accepting, and encouraging. During the private sessions with my son, he was always prepared and professional and adept at knowing how to motivate him to play well. He was committed to developing my son as the best soccer player he could be by teaching him not only basic soccer skills but also important life skills, like discipline and perseverance. 

Vicky Giouroukakis, Manhasset

When we commissioned Peter Hulse to provide technical training for my high school daughter, I immediately knew we were in great hands.  Unlike other trainers, Pete and my daughter agreed her goals up front and then he was prepared for every session with a custom methodical plan that progressively built-up her skill set week over week to meet and even surpass those goals.  Pete has tremendous energy levels and a passion for success, as I would find him regularly covered in sweat after a session because he would not only coach, but would train with a hands-on approach alongside her.  Most importantly, Pete is genuinely a good person with a demeanor and charismatic personality that you want your child to be around. If you want your player to play at an elite level, I highly recommend him.

P.J. Macchia

Announcement: Summer Camps & Clinics Open for Registration Soon