Gold Coast F.C. was conceptualized in 2012 to solve a number of common problems in Youth Soccer in the Tri-State area. As the soccer landscape changed rapidly, too many young children were leaving their friends and Community Soccer Clubs enticed by Academy Program promises further afield. In many instances these Programs were miles away, to the obvious detriment of local families and Community Clubs.

At the same time Intramural Programs all over the region were dwindling as it seemed that competitive soccer was being pushed as the only way forward for younger and younger age groups.

At the time of inception, Gold Coast FC’s Directors – Michael Cipriano, Peter Hulse and Michael Todd of Empire Soccer were responsible for the Training Programs at 3 Community Soccer Clubs, some of which were losing players to “academies.”

With the genuine quality of Coaches at Empire Soccer, as well as the unique and effective Training Programs they were offering to Local Clubs it was only natural that Gold Coast FC was inaugurated and evolved into what it is today: An extremely wide-ranging Soccer Training Organization that truly serves ALL of the Players, Teams and Communities it works within.

What separated Gold Coast FC is that the new venture would not narrow it’s focus solely upon a small number of young children who had shown promise / effectiveness at an early age.

The GCFC Directors remain steadfast in their conviction that children develop and learn at different rates. It was extremely important to them that ALL children of all ages and skill levels would be superbly catered for in a completely unified group. The different arms of which, all forming under the Gold Coast FC umbrella. This is why Gold Coast FC utilizes extremely talented Soccer Coaches in all communities, at all Programs.

Today we see an organization responsible for the various training Programs at seven fantastic Community Clubs on Long Island. We see thousands of smiles at our KickStart Program. We see Gold Coast FC’s Select Program enjoying huge successes on AND off the field. We see the Gold Coast Family making friends from various communities and experiencing cultures abroad on International Tours. We see the same Gold Coast FC Training Staff working with our Club’s U5 Intramural Programs as well as our U16 Regionally Ranked Gold Coast Select Teams. The entire Gold Coast Team could not be more proud that we continue to do things #TheGoldCoastWay!